東京を拠点にグローバルに活動しているコンポーザー(作曲家)ピアニスト。クラシックやジャズの要素を取り入れ、ジャンルを超えた独特な世界観の曲が好評を得ている。2020年 International Songwriting Competition Instrumental部門にて、”Tsunagari”がSemi Fainalist受賞。国内での演奏活動のほか、ニューヨークのトップアーティスト達とのコラボや、南アジアで活躍しているファクラル・ラジ氏に編曲提供など、幅広く活動している。


A composer-pianist based in Tokyo, Kanako Ode fascinates the audience with her jazz and rock infused music.  

She often collaborates with top artists in NY and offers the arrangement to internationally acclaimed musicians. Her previous collaborators include Fakhrul Razi in Brunei, Ben Kono, and David Smith in NY. 

A classically trained pianist, Kanako majored in music and childhood education at Tokyo Gakugei University.  

Upon her graduation, she was exposed to jazz and visited NY several times, where she deepened her relationships with the city’s most celebrated jazz musicians.

Passionate about conserving the environment, she makes her contributions to the field by writing music for a cause related to environmental issues.